Car Accident Insurance Claim Guide

Car Accident Insurance Claim Guide

We sincerely hope you never find yourself needing this “Car Accident Insurance Claim Guide”. However, should you be involved in an automobile accident, rest assured knowing that making claims with Rogersville Insurance Agency is an uncomplicated process—and we initiate working on them instantly.


This guide advises you to keep a printout of these steps in your vehicle’s glove compartment, so you’re prepared—just in case.

Car Accident Insurance Claim Guide

1️⃣ Verify No Serious Injuries


Following a collision, the first step in our Car Accident Insurance Claim Guide is to ensure that you, your co-passengers, and any other individuals involved are unharmed. In case of injuries, seek immediate medical assistance. If there are no severe injuries, it’s time to evaluate the situation.


2️⃣ Ensure Your Safety


The next step in our Car Accident Insurance Claim Guide is to ensure your safety. Regardless of where you are, make sure other vehicles on the road can see you. Activate your hazard lights to alert other drivers. If your car is drivable, move it out of traffic. Then, switch off your car and keep your hazard lights on. If you have safety triangles or cones, use them. Remember, your safety is paramount.


3️⃣ Contact the Police


Even if no one is injured, our Car Accident Insurance Claim Guide advises you to contact the police when other people, vehicles, or property have been impacted by the accident. Authorities should be aware of the incident, especially if it has the potential to create traffic congestion. Notifying the police can aid in protecting you from potential complications with the other parties involved.


4️⃣ Gather Information from Other Parties


The Car Accident Insurance Claim Guide emphasizes exchanging details with the other individuals involved in the incident. Note down key information, including names, addresses, phone numbers, license plate numbers, driver’s license numbers, and insurance company and policy numbers. If you have a camera or a phone, take photos of the scene and the vehicle’s damages.


Remember, emotions may run high following an accident. Try to remain composed and avoid disputes. Reacting to heated exchanges may momentarily alleviate your stress but will not assist in resolving the situation.


5️⃣ Reach Out to Your Insurance Provider


The final step in our Car Accident Insurance Claim Guide involves contacting your insurance provider. If you’re insured with Rogersville Insurance Agency, connect with us at 417-753-7454 or email us at as soon as possible. Regardless of who’s at fault, it’s crucial to inform your insurance provider about the incident. Moreover, your insurance provider can coordinate with other drivers’ insurance companies to expedite any necessary repairs.

Car Accident Insurance Claim Guide

If the accident occurs in an area where you feel unsafe, it’s fine to wait until you’re somewhere secure to report your claim. However, we encourage you to report the claim as soon as possible, so we can begin assisting you promptly.