What to Expect as a First-Time Homebuyer from a Real Estate Agent

We asked Chet Posten from Team Real Estate some questions homebuyers should know when looking for their forever home. Chet offered these suggestions and statements.


1) What are some common mistakes first-time home buyers make, and how can they be avoided?

Chet often hears first-time homebuyers say that they wish they bought a home sooner. Home buying is a process, but it is a well-worth investment.


He assures homeowners that, “You don’t have to do everything at once so start the process early by talking to a lender and understand your financial situation which may show you just how obtainable purchasing a home really is currently or in the near future.” 


2) How have rising prices on houses affected first-time home buyers?

Prices for wages, lumber, and other materials have gone up and caused an increase in the housing market as well. Posten states that increased prices have affected every buyer in the market. Chet notes that the market is friendly towards first-time homebuyers and buying a home now is better than not buying a home at all!


3) What are some important factors to consider when choosing a neighborhood or location for a first home purchase?

Often your first home is not your forever home. Posten mentions that buying a house is an investment and it’s important to consider the resell value of the property. Location plays a big role since it impacts:

  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Frequent destination
  • School districts
  • Safety level area


He advises, “Always do what’s best for you in the present but also consider the future resell potential and desirability of a location so you have a better chance of capitalizing on your investment.”


4) How do you help first-time home buyers navigate the buying process? 

Chet Posten always sets up the expectations and provides guidance during the whole buying process. There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to real estate transactions. “As a homebuyer,” Posten says, “you shouldn’t have to stress about meeting deadlines such as inspections and requesting repairs.”


5) What advice would you give to a first-time home buyer who is just starting the process of searching for a home?

According to Chet, the first step is to get pre-qualified before looking at a home. This will allow homebuyers to know what price of home they should be looking for and understand their monthly payments. 


Then, first-time homebuyers should contact a trusted realtor and request them to show a home. He finds that the more homes first-time homebuyers view the better chance they have of making the right decision.


How Does Real Estate and Homeowners Insurance Connect?

Real estate agents and insurance agents have the same goal of meeting first-time homebuyer’s needs. Real estate agents help first-time homebuyers find their ideal homes while insurance agents help homebuyers protect their investment.


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